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Motion graphics Sydney Milo corporate hype reel
A short hype reel for the Milo brand. Was used as a corporate reel to show where the brand is now and where it's history in Australia.

Motion graphics Melbourne world cup of golf
Sports motion graphics for Melbourne World Cup of Golf in 2013. The cup was a very heavy render as it was uing HDRI maps and reflections. I wanted to get some of the green reflected in the gold to make it appear to be sitting on the green.

Motion graphics sydney fox sports graphics
Sports motion graphics for Fox sydney in 2014. Using simulations in 3ds Max for the ball dynamics. I wanted to play around with a new approach to the design with this graphic - Compositied in After Effects

Motion graphics Sydney minelab design
Motion Graphics for Minelab . Tracking point on the rings and using plexus for Hud elements.

Sports motion graphics sydney
Motion Graphics for Fox

Motion graphics brisbane infographics
Motion Graphics for international golf

Motion graphics brisbane infographics
Infographics for National Seniors

Motion graphics brisbane infographicsInfographics for Nursery Traders

australian 4 ball pro am motion graphics australiaMotion graphics for Commonwealth Bank's Can Van

australian 4 ball pro am motion graphics australiaMotion graphics sport package for the Alpha Romeo Australian 4 ball pro-am

motion graphics wedding title animationMotion graphics package for the Queensland Reef Live 12 hour broadcast from the Great Barrier Reef

motion graphics wedding title animationMotion graphics sports package for Beijing Triathalon

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics for music reel opener

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics for Brisbane Citycats

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics for Australian Superboats - sports broadcast package

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics promotional video for Protrada - buying and selling domains

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics promotional video for Protrada - buying and selling domains

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics Yonex Sydney 2012 Broadcast design sports package

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics Thai LPGA Golf Broadcast design sports package

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics Melbourne Jeep Golf Broadcast design sports package

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics Melbourne Rolex Golf sports package
Broadcast design

motion graphics wedding title animation
Motion graphics wedding graphics title animation

motion graphics sydney thailand golf title animation
Motion graphics for Thailand golf

motion graphics adidas awards
Motion graphics - adidas awards.

yonex badminton graphics opener
Motion graphics - Yonex Badminton opener

Offshore Superboat Championships australia motion graphics one hd
Motion graphics for Peschardt's people asia 2011 opener

Australian Masters golf 2009 broadcast television
Animation of opener for the Australian Masters in HD.

wetnwild brisbane television commercial 02
Wetnwild television commercial brisbane. Motion graphics for the new campaign "qld vip pass"

hamilton Island race week 2009 graphics
Hamilton Island Race week 2009 graphics. Updated 2008 motion graphics with new style.

Digital Signage:

Using skills from producing motion graphics for television.. Here is a sample of a few of the digital signage spots that I have worked on remotely from Brisbane for a Sydney market. I am very interested in making my digital sign work look as well designed as possible so it doesn't just look like another powerpoint presentation.. Lots of background movement and sharp punchy text seems to work very well in a retail environment. Check out my article on motion graphics for digital signage - explores some of the aspects of design for out of home displays.

Cointreau motion graphics
Digital Signage - Cointreau motion graphics Sydney.

Coke motion graphics digital signage dream team
Digital Signage - Coke AFL dream team promotion Sydney

Jim Beam motion graphics digital signage
Digital Signage - Jim Beam promotion Sydney

Motion graphics for Brisbane television:

peschardt's business people tv opener
Motion graphics for the new series of Michael Peschardt's Business People.

website video
Motion Graphics video for website developer Different in sydney.

bishop brothers
Motion graphics for television commercial - Working with brisbane post production house Boomtown Pictures for Papua New Guinea TV

Queensland Firebirds netball
Logo title design for the Queensland Firebirds Netball - really fun project to work on as it used fire and particle effects.

riverfire brisbane southbank 2008
Motion Graphics package for Channel 7 Brisbane & QBE riverfire at southbank, Brisbane 2008. Produced in High Definition 1920x1080. Used photos from around the city compositied in After Effects.

dinosaurs on ice
Graphics for Dinosaurs On Ice - a science documentary that aired on the ABC in Australia. Follows scientists that go Alaska's north slope to dig for dinosaur bones. Good to finally get to work with ice and snow. Rendered in HD.

creek to coast opener brisbane
Creek to Coast Opener
- Motion graphics for Brisbane lifestyle show showcasing outdoor water activities. Used lots of water reference files and water simulations rendered in Vray. Wanted to give work an edgy surfer style with a fairly simple water backdrop.

audi hamilton island raceweek
Race week TV - Opening title design for the Hamilton Island Raceweek. Using AE and water reference files. I Wanted to use a limited color palette to reflect the stylish nature of yacht racing. The whole concept for this work came from just the audi raceweek logo.

queensland weekender picture from show opener
Queensland Weekender
- Show design Queensland Weekender for Seven network Brisbane. Used max2ae plugin for max for position cards in after effects. This is a HD project so everything was precomped and proxied out, sometimes having to work in 1/8th res in After Effects as the layers were so dense

travel girls hd documentary
Travel Girls - Opening title design for travel girls. Designed in HD (after effects 3ds Max)

Mercedes Benz C-class image
Mercedes C-Class
- End tag design for Brisbane Mercedes Benz



relaxation dvd
Watch the DVD trailer in HD

13/01/09 Almost finished work on the graphics for a relaxation dvd that i've been working on for the past 6 months. See the gallery of relaxing images or read more about the dvd.

13/01/09 My short film Displaced Threshold made it into the CologneOFF IV - “Here We Are!” online film festival. Some really good experimental films in the selection.

My new site a site dedicated to exploring 3d graffiti using retro and modern technology as an inspiration.
3d graffiti using computer design

I've added a "how to" page - some of the things i've learnt using After Effects. From using scripts to tricks for windows to speed up working with projects. I usually have a "brain file" as a txt document wherever there is an installation of AFX to keep a record of tricks.

Displaced Threshold - A short 3D experimental film about the old abandoned Brisbane airport complete with render glitches. This is a film I have wanted to make for a long time.brad schwede film displaced threshold
Video hosted on Vimeo make sure to click the HD button and fullscreen
right click save as: 720p mp4

Giant Stars goes live.3d science animation giant stars
High Definition Quicktime (26MB HD mp4)
Large Quicktime (20MB 720p mp4)

Working on Giant Stars A HD science animation project with Dejan from It will show the size of our sun in comparision to Antares.

Contact: brad (at)




Experimental work
Spatiotemporal correlations
Spatiotemporal correlations. A video art experiment using rapidly changing black and white to create the stroboscopic effect.

displaced threshold stills 30/04/2008 - Stills from 3d HD experimental film using CG and super8 footage.

Some stills from - 3d graffiti

Frequency graffiti

3d graffiti


experimental film plants
Harmonic Distortions - experimental work with Dejan from analogik. Very much inspired by Autechre music videos.

experimental film speaker 3d animation
- playing with techno and design

experimental film speaker 3d cube
White Cube - experiment using max and ae. I would like to do a whole series of works based on white design

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